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Step into the enchanting world of games and toys – a veritable paradise for families! If you're searching for a toy store that surpasses all expectations, where quality meets the perfect blend of fun and education, look no further than L’Entre-Jeux.

At L’Entre-Jeux, we offer an extensive selection of board games and toys curated for all age groups. Our mission is simple – to transform each purchase into a delightful and enriching experience for the entire family.

Create moments of joy and learning through our thoughtfully chosen array of games and toys.

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L'Entre-Jeux transcends the conventional concept of a mere toy store; it stands as a dedicated universe for children's and adults' enlightenment, education, and joy!

Whether your search involves a wooden masterpiece, a thoughtful baby gift, or a coveted collectible game, rest assured that you'll discover everything you seek within the confines of our charming shop! Explore the boundless possibilities at L'Entre-Jeux – where every visit promises a delightful find.

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Large selection of toys for all generations

Discover endless possibilities with our huge selection of toys crafted for all ages! Whether it's developmental toys or engaging puzzles, each product in our collection undergoes meticulous selection of quality toys.

At our store, we firmly believe that the most exceptional toys seamlessly blend enjoyment with learning, transcending age barriers. We curate a diverse range that promises entertainment and enrichment. Discover the joy of play intertwined with knowledge at our store, where every choice is a step toward holistic development.

We also offer a range of board games

L’Entre-Jeux transcends the conventional definition of a toy store; it's a haven for board game enthusiasts and families seeking novel ways to bond!

If you are on the hunt for a game to infuse energy into your family nights, your search ends here! Our board game shop in Quebec is a treasure trove catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Step into a world where fun knows no bounds.

For adults and children

At L'Entre-Jeux, age is just a number when it comes to the joy of play. Indulge your passion for strategy, role-playing, or card games at our store, where many options await adults seeking more complex challenges and mature themes.

Explore our curated collection of board games that captivate children's imaginations and contribute to their cognitive development. Each game is thoughtfully chosen to foster cognitive skills wrapped in the joy of play! Elevate your gaming experience with us, where entertainment and enrichment go hand in hand.

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Save 40%
Cavalier avec poney brun
Playmobil Cavalier avec poney brun
11,99 $ 19,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Cavalière avec poney gris
Playmobil Cavalière avec poney gris
11,99 $ 19,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Poneys et poulains
Playmobil Poneys et poulains
11,99 $ 19,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Pilote avec réacteur dorsalPilote avec réacteur dorsal
Playmobil Pilote avec réacteur dorsal
13,79 $ 22,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Duck on call- Voiturette de policeDuck on call- Voiturette de police
Save 40%
Playmo Friends Princesse japonaise
Save 40%
Playmo Friends Cheffe patissiere
Save 40%
Fee geante
Playmobil Fee geante
4,19 $ 6,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Playmo Friends HarpistePlaymo Friends Harpiste
Playmobil Playmo Friends Harpiste
3,59 $ 5,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Playmo Friends Combattante vikingPlaymo Friends Combattante viking
Save 40%
Playmo Friends SnowboardeusePlaymo Friends Snowboardeuse
Playmobil Playmo Friends Snowboardeuse
3,59 $ 5,99 $
In stock
Save 40%
Playmobil - Ptéranodon et drone

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Embarking on a shopping journey with L’Entre-Jeux, a specialized store, brings numerous advantages. Beyond the diverse array of top-notch products, our helpful staff stands ready to offer you invaluable advice!

Are you in search of the perfect gift? Allow us to assist you in selecting the ideal present, considering the unique details you share about the recipient—such as their interests, age, and more. With our guidance, your gift will be thoughtful and tailored to delight the recipient at a competitive price.

L'Entre-Jeux takes pride in being a trusted reference for Quebec families. Our commitment revolves around delivering a delightful and enriching shopping experience for all our valued customers. Opting for our store means supporting a Quebec-based company that prioritizes local connections and is devoted to fostering the development of children and adults through the joy of play.